Darkstone’s MTF file format, part 2

Following my first attempt at unraveling Darkstone’s MTF file format, I suddenly found a ton of information on the format on the web. Well, so to speak. It is vaguely described at Xentax Game File Format Central, and there’s even a working open-source extractor: Dragon UnPACKer. The relevant code is in drv_default.dpr. It’s apparently Pascal, a language I had never looked at before, but that didn’t present a problem as it’s highly readable.

Remember I said some entries had invalid sizes? Well, they did not: the specified size was simply the uncompressed size, and I assumed no file compression. I had noticed that most files in DATA.MTF began with AF BE or AE BE even though they were of completely different formats, but it had not sprung to my mind that this was because they were compressed. Anyway, had I guessed, I couldn’t have figured out the technique to decompress them; even with the description at Xentax plus working source code in front of me, writing my own implementation was touchy.

My extractor now does at least as well as Dragon UnPACKer, so I’m pretty confident about having nailed the file format. Rather than try to explain it in words, I’ll refer you to my code on pastebin, which has enough comments that it should be clear even you don’t know C#.

Now that I at least extract all files properly, the internal file formats are starting to make more sense.

O3D: a file format for static meshes, can be opened at least with makeo3d.exe. The “Flyff” 3d converter (o3d2obj.exe) appears not to work with these.

DAT: mainly ASCII strings separated by long strings of 0s or other repeated numbers. I still have no real clue as to what they mean, but at least they’re partially legible now.

CDF: references O3D files by their names, separated by long strings of 0s. Maybe level descriptions?

Anyway… this is probably going nowhere as I don’t have infinite time nor much experience with reverse-engineering game files, but at least I get to enjoy the music knowing I extracted it myself! Ha.



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